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Montana CRACKLE Effect Spray for the special crackle-look (e.g. for a vintage or used-look).

Note: Always test beforehand, if surface/material is compatible!


- Creates a Cracking-Effect for vintage/used-look objects such as picture frames or furniture.

- Can be used as a structure-spray, too.


Give at least 45min but not more than 24hours drying time to the base coat before applying CRACKLE effect (drying time might vary due to temperature, humidity and thickness of coating). Shake can vigorously for 2-3 minutes before use. Apply spray strokes from left to right in a crossing over motion (cross-coating) for best results. After extensively applying CRACKLE Effect to your primed area, the distressing (cracking) process will begin to occur.

Pre Priming with Montana POLYSTYRENE primer is required for application on styrofoam (make sure to seal the surface completely).

Always test spray on a non-visible area to check the compatibility of lacquer or paint. For optimal lifespan, store cans with the nozzle on.

The CRACKLE spray is high-covering and can be top-coated when fully dry and cured (after 24h) with Montana GOLD, Montana WHITE, Montana ACRYLIC markers as well as customary acrylic paints if used as a structure spray.




ITEM#: Miscellaneous

EAN-CODE: Miscellaneous

HS CODE: 32082090



CONTENT: 400ml

NOZZLE: Flat Jet - Medium

RECOMMENDED NOZZLES: Calligraphy / Flat Jet Cap

LAQUER BASE: Nitro-Combi

PRESSURE LEVEL: Medium pressure


GLOSS LEVEL (60° angle according to DIN 67530): matte (factor not measurable)

HEAT RESISTANCE: Up to 80°C (176°F)


OVERPAINTING: Can be overpainted with Synthetic- or Acrylic Lacquer after approx. 24 hours drying time


- Dust/Touch dry: approx. 10/60 min.

- Overpainting after 24h

- Fully cured after 24h

Drying time depends on temperature, humidity and thickness of coating.


- Temperature 10° - 25°C/50 - 77°F

- Surface temperature 5° - 40°C/40 - 105°F

- Air humidity max. 60%

SHELF LIFE / STORAGE: 10 years with proper storage (10°-25°C, relative humidity of max. 60%).


- Dangerous goods class 2.1

- UN1950


- Shake the can well for at least 3 minutes

- Spray distance should be at least 20cm/8in

- Test spray on a non-visible area

- CRACKLE Effect can only be achieved on Acrylic and Synthetic based lacquers, such as Montana GOLD or Montana WHITE - Apply 2-3 even layers with one or more of the CRACKLE Effect colors - Apply CRACKLE linearly, in even thin layers to achieve a uniform crackle pattern

Thin application creates fine crackles, heavier application leads to bigger crackles

- The crackle effect can be altered by appliying extra coats within 3-4 min. This can be repeated a maximum of two times.

- Can be over painted when fully dry and cured (after 24hours), with Montana GOLD, BLACK or WHITE (Nitro-Combi, Acrylic or Synthetic based lacquers). Can also be applied over Montana ACRYLIC and traditional acrylic paint.

- Does not work with Metallic or Chrome effects!

- Seal with Montana Varnish when totally cured for further protection against UV exposure and elements such as rain etc.

- For application on styrofoam, pre-priming with Montana POLYSTYRENE Primer is required.


What is Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray and how does it work?

Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray is a high pressure gloss paint coating, that is applied over other paints before they are completely dry. The Montana CRACKLE 400ml dries at a faster rate than the paint it is applied over, creating cracks during the drying process. The crackle effect is both aesthetic and can makes objects or artworks appear vintage or used. Color shown by the donut on top of the can.

How does Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray work?

Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray needs to be applied over another paint coating.The best results are achieved over Montana GOLD or WHITE colors. The thicker the base coats applied, the greater the effect. Montana CRACKLE 400ml is best applied between 45 mins and 24 hours after the base color has been applied.

How do I start using my Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray can?

Remove the spray nozzle and turn the can upside down. Strike with your palm allowing safety ring to fall out. Shake vigerously for 2-3 minutes ensuring you can hear the mixing balls moving freely. Replace the cap back onto the top of the can valve and trigger away from substrate to test. If flowing freely you can start painting.

Which surfaces can I use my CRACKLE 400ml spray on?

Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray can be used on nearly any primed surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood, walls, hard plastics, primed carton and walls etc. Pre-priming with Montana Styrofoam PRIMER is required before application to polystyrene. Make sure to seal the surface completely ensuring no air holes are open on the foam's surface.

How long does Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray take to dry?

The drying time for Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray varies depending on the base coat under it, substrate, ambient temperature and levels of humidity. Generally it is possible to be dust dry after 15-20 mins, touch dry in 60 mins and cured after 24 hours.

How do I achieve the best cracks with my Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray?

The size and consistancy of the cracking varies subject to many variables. Variables like the amount of time application of the Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray to the base coat, the color of the base coat, the contents of the base coat and how evenly (or thick) the Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray was applied. The more evenly and regular it was applied, the more even and consistant the crack formation will be.

Will the Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray work with metallic colors?

Yes, the Montana CRACKLE 400ml spray will work on metallic colors. But the result is not as good as on non metallic colors.

How far should I hold the can away from the substrate while painting?

Optimum distance from substrate is normally beween 15 and 25cm depending on your task. Thin, even layers are optimal, applying from left to right in a crossing over motion.

Can I paint over my CRACKLE 400ml with other paints?

Yes. You can apply other paints such as Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK, Montana WHITE, Montana ACRYLIC markers as well as customary acrylic paints over the CRACKLE 400ml spray once it is cured. Curing time is 24 or more hours.

What kind of packaging materials can I use to transport / store my painted objects?

When transporting or storing painted objects, it's crucial to steer clear of air bubble wrap or similar packaging materials. These films may contain plasticizers that can gradually evaporate, resulting in unsightly marks or discoloration on the painted surface. Additionally, they can harbor silicone residues, oils, or fats from production, leading to imprints on the paint.

To safeguard your painted surfaces, it's advisable to utilize alternative packaging materials such as foam sheets, soft blankets, cardboard, or other suitable options. These alternatives provide effective protection without the risk of damaging the paintwork.

Pls Note:

This technical application information is given to the best of our knowledge. However, it is only intended as non-binding information and does not release you from the obligation to carry out your own tests on the products supplied by us to determine their suitability for the intended applications. Application and processing are beyond our control and are therefore in the responsibility of the user. Montana Cans shall be released from liability

unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to Montana Cans.

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