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The Montana Polystyrene Primer acts as a dependable protective base coat for Polystyrene, guarding it against detrimental reactions caused by nitro-combi, synthetic-based paints like Montana GOLD. The primer seals the styrofoam and avoids destructive reaction of the lacquer.

Always test before use on a non-visible area of the object.

The drying time varies depending on temperature and humidity and may take a few hours.


- Blocking effect against decomposing solvent-based paints.

- Creates an adhesion layer for following layers of paint.


Before using the POLYSTYRENE PRIMER, shake the can vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Apply the primer in several thin layers, using sweeping motions to spray each coat. Allow each layer to dry for a minimum of 5 minutes. If the polystyrene has a coarse-pored texture, additional layers of primer may be necessary to ensure that all holes are closed off, preventing the top coat from penetrating the material.

Once dry, the primer can be overpainted after 3 hours. However, the drying time for further coats of alternative products may vary depending on the application style and could require 24 hours or more. Always test spray on a non-visible area to check the compatibility of the lacquer or paint.

To ensure optimal lifespan, store the cans with the nozzle on.


- Shake the can well for at least 3 minutes

- Spray distance should be at least 20cm/8in

- Test spray on a non-visible area

- Apply at least 3-4 layers in a grid pattern. Leave every layer to dry at least 5 min.

- In the case of coarse-pored polystyrene, more layers are necessary; please make sure that all holes are closed so that no top coat can penetrate the polystyrene




ITEM#: 376337

EAN-CODE: 4048500376337

HS CODE: 32082090



CONTENT: 400ml

NOZZLE: Flat Jet - Medium

RECOMMENDED NOZZLES: Flat Jet Medium and Wide, Fat Cap Gold/Black, Level 1-3

LAQUER BASE: Nitro-Combi

PRESSURE LEVEL: Medium pressure

COLOR: Beige-Brown

GLOSS LEVEL (60° angle according to DIN 67530): 6 GE matte

HEAT RESISTANCE: Up to 80°C (176°F)


OVERPAINTING: Can be overpainted with Synthetic-, Nitro-Combi (NC) or Acrylic Lacquer after approx. three hours drying time


- Dust/Touch dry: approx. 15/30 min.

- Overpainting after 3h

- Fully cured after 24h

Drying time depends on temperature, humidity and thickness of coating.


- Temperature 10° - 25°C/50 - 77°F

- Surface temperature 5° - 40°C/40 - 105°F

- Air humidity max. 60%

SHELF LIFE / STORAGE: 10 years with proper storage (10°-25°C, relative humidity of max. 60%).


- Dangerous goods class 2.1

- UN1950


When should I use a primer?

Applying a primer is an essential step in achieving optimal adhesion, extending durability, and achieving a flawless aesthetic finish for the final paint layer. Montana Primers are expertly crafted to provide superior protection and adhesion, making them the ideal choice for pre-treating surfaces before applying additional coatings.

Using a primer is especially important when the surface is porous, uneven, or has previously been coated with a different material. The primer creates a neutral surface, ensuring that subsequent coatings adhere more effectively and evenly, resulting in superior durability and a more polished final result.

When do I use Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER?

The Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER is a versatile surface preparer that can be applied to polystyrene, styrofoam, and other materials. It is specifically designed to prepare polystyrene, foam, and construction foam surfaces for pre-treatment before applying color coatings. This is important because certain types of paint contain solvents that can penetrate and damage foam surfaces, causing melting or other forms of substrate damage.

To ensure that the POLYSTYRENE PRIMER is compatible with your specific material, we highly recommend performing a compatibility test on a non-visible area before use. This will help you determine whether the primer is suitable for your application, and can help prevent any potential damage or problems that may arise from incompatibility.

How do I start using my Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER?

To prepare the Montana spray can for use, first remove the spray nozzle and turn the can upside down. Then, strike the bottom of the can with your palm to dislodge the safety ring. Next, shake the can vigorously for 2-3 minutes, ensuring that you can hear the mixing balls moving freely.

After shaking, replace the spray nozzle by screwing it back onto the top of the can valve. Test the nozzle by triggering it away from the substrate. If the paint flows freely, you are ready to start painting.

It's important to follow these steps to ensure that the spray can is properly mixed and ready to use, allowing for the best possible results in your painting project.

Which coatings can apply over the POLYSTYRENE PRIMER?

Once the POLYSTYRENE PRIMER has dried, you can apply any Montana-Cans color, TECH, or EFFECT spray over it. The primer not only enhances adhesion, but also helps to seal the substrate, creating a smoother and more even surface. As a result, the coatings applied over it will have increased longevity, ensuring that your project will look great for longer.

Can I use other coutings on it other then sprays?

Yes, you can use other coatings over the Montana POLYSTYRENE PRIMER once it has dried. However, it's important to note that applying solvent-based coatings may still agitate the foam surface, regardless of the preparation. To avoid any potential damage, we recommend testing the compatibility of the coating with the primer by applying it to a non-visible area of the work before proceeding with the full project.

Pls Note:

This technical application information is given to the best of our knowledge. However, it is only intended as non-binding information and does not release you from the obligation to carry out your own tests on the products supplied by us to determine their suitability for the intended applications. Application and processing are beyond our control and are therefore in the responsibility of the user. Montana Cans shall be released from liability

unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to Montana Cans.

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