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GOLD Transparent colors
GOLD Transparent colors
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Are Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors the same as normal Montana GOLD colors?

Note: Always test beforehand, if surface/material is compatible!

Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors are derivative of colors in the Montana GOLD range in a transparent form. This enables users to achieve transparent fades, tonal gradients and slight shifts on conjunction with their favorite Montana GOLD opaque colors.

Do the Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors have the same finish as normal Montana GOLD colors?

The GOLD TRANSPARENT colors in comparison to normal Montana GOLD formulations are a greater mix of clear coat and paint vehicle, in relation to the amount of pigment. As the pigments themselves are not transparent, the greater portion of clear coat means a slightly glossier finish.

How can I achieve one single finish?

It is easy to achieve a singular finish by applying a Montana VARNISH spray over the work once all coats are cured. Montana GLOSS VARNISH will be the most effective.

Are Montana TRANSPARENT colors lightfast or UV resustant?

Although the Montana TRANSPARENT colors have less pigment, they still contain premium grade European pigments and have UV blockers in their clear coat mixture. This results in the longest lasting possible for a transparent color.

Can I use Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors in conjuction with normal Montana GOLD colors?

Yes. The TRANSPARENT range can be used in conjuction with normal Montana GOLD colors. Please note the slight difference in finish as mentioned above.

Can I use Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors without other colors?

Yes, using the TRANSPARENT range could be likened to using transparent water color paints, except in a spray can. The more coats applied the greater the pigment load will become and thus the darker the color. The lighter the substrate the more light can reflect through and the more luminous the colors will appear.

Are Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors as durable as other Montana GOLD colors??

Apart from issued of durability related to pigment load, Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors are as durable, abrassion proof and hard wearing as normal Montana GOLD colors.

What kind of packaging materials can I use to transport / store my painted objects?

When transporting or storing painted objects, it's crucial to steer clear of air bubble wrap or similar packaging materials. These films may contain plasticizers that can gradually evaporate, resulting in unsightly marks or discoloration on the painted surface. Additionally, they can harbor silicone residues, oils, or fats from production, leading to imprints on the paint.

To safeguard your painted surfaces, it's advisable to utilize alternative packaging materials such as foam sheets, soft blankets, cardboard, or other suitable options. These alternatives provide effective protection without the risk of damaging the paintwork.

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