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Montana GOLD Metallic Gold Matt and Silver Matt

Note: Always test beforehand, if surface/material is compatible!

The GOLD Metallics – Durable and UV resistant
Many metallic effect coatings scratch easily or fade fast. The Montana GOLD Metallic colors dry with their premium European metallic pigments encased in the paint film, for extra durability. Although less shiny then metallic effect sprays, they stand the test of time whatever the conditions.


Are Montana GOLD METALLIC colors the same as the Montana METALLIC EFFECT colors?

They are very similar. The Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are non-leafing pigments (closed surface metallic paints),that were introduced into the Montana GOLD range before the Montana METALLIC range was developed. They are essential colors for Montana GOLD users. Their properties are similar or the same to that of Montana METALLIC EFFECT colors with a more matte finish then Montana METALLIC EFFECT colors. They are only available in Silver Matt and GOLD Matt and are optimized to work with normal Montana GOLD colors.

Are Montana GOLD METALLIC colors the same as normal Montana GOLD colors?

Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are not exactly like normal Montana GOLD colors, although they are compatible with each other when dry. The METALLIC pigments are literally micro metallic flakes that originate as silver particles that are then tinted tot he desired color.

Are Montana GOLD METALLIC colors as light fast as the other colors? Can I protect them?

The Montana GOLD METALLIC colors do have superior light fastness and contain UV blockers. However they are not as light fast as normal Montana GOLD colors, depending on the exposure to harmful UV rays. Montana GOLD METALLIC colors will outlast the longevity of the other brands. You can protect and greatly extend the longevity of Montana GOLD METALLIC colors by applying a Montana Varnish over the finished work once it is cured. Please note applying clear coats could change the brightness of GOLD METALLIC colors.

Are the Montana GOLD METALLIC colors as opaque as other colors?

The Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are superior in opacity compared to any other brands of metallic effect spray. Due to the metallic pigment being dispensed in a clear vehicle, multiple coats may be required to reach desired optic. The pre-coatings underneath the applied Montana GOLD METALLIC colors will also influence the appearance of opacity. Light metallic colors appear more opaque if applied to white/light substrates, dark metallic colors appear most opaque when applied to dark substrates (where possible).

Can I use Montana GOLD METALLIC colors like any other Montana GOLD?

Yes. Once cured, Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are intermixable and can be handled, painted over or re-coated with any other Montana GOLD. Please note that due to the greater pigment size, the Montana GOLD METALLIC colors do perform differently.

Do Montana GOLD METALLIC colors have the same finish as other Montana Chrome Effect or normal Montana Gold colors?

Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are not as shiny as CHROME EFFECT colors. This is as the non-leafing metallic pigment particles in GOLD METALLIC colors are located inside the paint vehicle as apposed to on top of it. CHROME EFFECT colors use leafing pigments that dry on top oft he paint vehicle and are visible once the paint is dry. Please note the ground color and it’s finish can influence the finish of Montana GOLD METALLIC colors that are applied over them.

How do I get the brightest result?

For best results, it is suggested to apply Montana GOLD METALLIC colors onto substrates that are non porous and coated white or light colors before application. The more coats applied, the brighter and more long lasting the metallic effect. Please allow minimum 10+ minutes drying between each coat. Wet on wet application will diminish the metallic effect.

Can I paint my bike with Montana GOLD METALLIC sprays?

Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are ideal for painting bikes or metal objects. For best results sand off top coats or return to bare metal. Clean surfaces of dust, oils and rust. Apply Montana METAL PRIMER for extra corrosion protection. Apply multiple coats of the desired Montana GOLD METALLIC color(s) once each layer has dried over night remembering to sand lightly between coats.

Will the finish be like a commercially painted bike?

Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are abrasion and weather proof. However due to the toxic nature of commercial grade paints used on factory painted bikes, for a commercial like finish we suggest multiple coats of Montana VARNISH on your cured object to increase it’s strength. For a commercial grade finish, a 2 component clear coat needs to be applied. (We suggest see a car bodywork professional for assistance with this).

Are Montana GOLD METALLIC colors as shiny as chrome effect colors?

Montana METALLIC EFFECT colors have a different function to the chrome effect colors. As such, they are not as shiny, but are more durable with greater longevity. Apart from use on general creative projects, we recommend using Montana GOLD METALLIC sprays for functional objects.

Are Montana GOLD METALLIC colors abrasion proof?

Montana Montana GOLD METALLIC colors are abrasion proof with a hard finish when completely cured. This process normally takes at least 24-48 hours depending on conditions, amount of coats and ambient temperatures.

What kind of packaging materials can I use to transport / store my painted objects?

When transporting or storing painted objects, it's crucial to steer clear of air bubble wrap or similar packaging materials. These films may contain plasticizers that can gradually evaporate, resulting in unsightly marks or discoloration on the painted surface. Additionally, they can harbor silicone residues, oils, or fats from production, leading to imprints on the paint.

To safeguard your painted surfaces, it's advisable to utilize alternative packaging materials such as foam sheets, soft blankets, cardboard, or other suitable options. These alternatives provide effective protection without the risk of damaging the paintwork.

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