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Montana Cans Colors: HEX, RGB, RAL and PANTONE Values
Montana Cans Colors: HEX, RGB, RAL and PANTONE Values
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The Montana Cans color ranges offer individual and independently created colors that are not in any way created in connection or in relation to, other color systems such as RAL or PANTONE (with the exception of a few EFFECT spray colors). Please note the information provided here is supplied for orientation purposes only and will not provide an exact color match. We recommend the test spraying of Montana Cans colors with other colors to observe possible similarities in advance. Where applicable, the Montana True Color Swatch GOLD can be used with relative accuracy when trying to find close color shades to other color systems (e.g. RAL).

If you are trying to find out which Montana color shades might come close to a RAL or Pantone color tone, assistance is available at the following website links.

- All RGB and HEX Values can be found at - Click on the individual color shades to activate the Hexcode buttons.

- You can also download our color libraries (Adobe Swatch Exchange file .ASE) to import into adobe applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to have them available as swatches at

- Online Converter for RGB / Hex colors:

- Online Converter for PANTONE colors:

Important Note: The above-given converters are for simulation only. We strongly recommend using our True Color Swatch GOLD for Montana GOLD colors. For colors from other Montana Cans aerosol paint ranges, try spraying your own color swatches to compare with your RAL or PANTONE swatch books.


Pls Note:

This technical application information is given to the best of our knowledge. However, it is only intended as non-binding information and does not release you from the obligation to carry out your own tests on the products supplied by us to determine their suitability for the intended applications. Application and processing are beyond our control and are therefore in the responsibility of the user. Montana Cans shall be released from liability

unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to Montana Cans.

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